Dispersion Glass Cabochon Ring

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In collaboration with Dispersion Glass, we paired his glass art with my alchemy to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are worth any crystal or glass collection.

This piece is made with one of his signature glass cabochons that resembles a nebula, all set into a ring to make a bold statement.

This semi-adjustable ring has a 0.75 in diameter.

We're calling them "semi-adjustable" because we don't want anyone thinking they still can't snap. It's a tricky thing because electroforming adds a layer on top of the material, it doesn't merge with it. Meaning, if bent, like adjustable rings, the copper cracks.

So what about these? To prevent cracking we actually don't grow copper on top of the band, we stop it at a pivotal point. These are ideal to be able to swap between fingers with minimal adjustments or find the perfect fit for a single finger. Of course, with any serious wear and tear, things break. We don't recommend completely distorting them and left with a twisted up band, or even a snapped one from the over adjusting. If worn with love, these will last you a long time!


To understand the process of electroforming, visit The Process page!

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